Assembly/Layout Artist – Peter Rabbit (Sydney) (61 views)

Sydney, Australia
June 15, 2017

Assembly/Layout Artist – Peter Rabbit (Sydney)

We are looking for Assembly/Layout Artists to join the team for our our hybrid feature ‘Peter Rabbit’.

The primary Assembly responsibility is to maintain the “shot breakdown” – facilitating distribution of assets between various departments, with a special emphasis on supporting the Layout and Animation teams.

The primary Layout responsibility is to help define the visual language of the film, working to realize the director’s brief and cinematic vision for a hybrid live action/cg feature film.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work within a team of assembly/layout artists under the supervision of a layout lead and assembly supervisor.
  • Responsible for helping establish the cinematic staging and camera positioning as guided by the film’s director.
  • Ability to pose and/or roughly animate characters.
  • Ability to work within a production schedule, delivering shots and/or sequences to the editorial department. 
  • Ability to provide the technical set-up of shots to departments further down the production pipeline (e.g. Animation, Lighting).
  • Ability to follow direction and embrace change.

Candidates with the following skills are encouraged to apply:

  • 1 + years experience in Animated Features, VFX or Games
  • Experience in post viz
  • Experience with Maya
  • Knowledge and experience with asset management and tracking software
  • Excellent attention to technical details and ability to deliver accurate work
  • Experience in MEL or Python scripting is a bonus
  • Proven ability to multi-task, prioritize and problem solve
  • Ability to communicate and interact positively in a collaborative group environment
  • An ability to focus on the big picture without losing track of the details
  • A passion for Animation and Layout
  • A technical education or background will also be considered favorably
  • A recognized qualification in film, animation or fine arts would be helpful but is not essential.

Candidates should understand storytelling, shot structure and cinematography.

On your show reel, please have whole, or large parts, of sequences, as this will help demonstrate your ability to construct a sequence in terms of camera and framing.

If you are interested in applying for this position then please complete our online application form via our website

Please apply if you are eligible to work in Australia permanently.

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