Character Design Expert / Professor – Vietnam (109 views)

Character Design Expert / Professor – Vietnam


A SE Asian group who owns, develops and manages leading tourism and hospitality properties throughout Asia seeks a Character Design Expert/Professor for their one of a kind Animation Studio in Vietnam.


Character Designers with working experience in USA or France in recognized Animation Studios like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and similar companies will be considered.


As a Character Design expert you will be required to create the look and feel of animated characters.  At this position you are responsible for several different positions; an Illustrator, Concept Artist, Animator, and Game Artist meaning that you have to design your characters, bring them to life, then flesh out their look.


You must have the knowledge and expertise in using computer graphics and 3D modeling to design and animate your form by adding in color, molding its movements, and adding its sounds.


To do this work you must be very imaginative and creative, and have the breadth and depth of animation knowledge to make your creation come to life: You must be well versed in all technical proficiencies that are generally split between several fields.


Your main function also requires you to blend skills from across fields to create vivacious, well rounded characters. In this role, you work mainly in video games, animation, and illustration.

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