Compositor (122 views)

Position Requirements:
• Master of Fine Arts degree in Animation and Visual Effects
• Require demonstrated ability to use Nuke Software

Duties & Responsibilities:
• Create digital effects, graphic designs and title sequences for high-profile projects, including feature film productions, commercials, and television programs utilizing advanced digital imaging and computer graphics technologies.
• Conceptualize and create new digital effects, processes and techniques to realize the specific visual requirements of each production in accordance with the director’s artistic intent.
• Maintain a consistent look and feel between scenes, shots, and characters with respect to placement of lights, color balance and temperature. Execute complex multi-layer composition, involving sophisticated color correction, keying, matte extraction, tracking and stabilizing depth of field and lens manipulation techniques for seamless integration of computer generated and live action plates.
• Create cinematic color and lighting elements for motion picture visual effects.
• Troubleshoot design problems and production difficulties and coordinate the functional requirements of the production.

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