Computer Animation Expert / Supervisor / Professor – Vietnam (129 views)

Computer Animation Expert / Supervisor / Professor – Vietnam


As a Computer Animation Expert you will play an important role in the process of creating animation for technology, as well as cartoons and video games.  The mission of our client, a world class Animation Studio located in Vietnam is to combine the talent, wisdom and culture of Vietnam with world class technology to create animated films that appeal to audiences of all ages.


The Computer Animation Expert is required to work along with a team of animators to create animations on a project.  You will conduct research for projects, meet with clients to review deadlines, create a storyboard, produce the animation and then edit the animation as needed in coordination with the animators, game designers, directors and other staff.


As a computer animator, you use computer technology to illustrate and design believable settings and characters in movie frames, video games and animation. You will also play a role in the development of Web and mobile technology, as well as work with a team of other people to tell a story, using your artistic and story-telling skills in the design of video games or film.


To qualify for this post, you will need a Bachelor’s degree; associate’s degree and/or certificate programs.  Further education in fine arts and computer animation is also important for this role.


The key skills for this role include teamwork, creativity, visual art and storytelling, and technical skills for multiple platforms (video games, film, websites, mobile devices).

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