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Golden Avenue, Toronto, On
August 2, 2017

FX Rigger (Crowd)

Job Description:

  • Work within a collaborative team environment, contributing efficient design, develop, implement techniques and system approaches to create crowd simulations FX shots.
  • Integrate the techniques and systems into the pipeline flow


  • At 2+ years experience in a live-action VFX Environment or Crowd TD with a solid understanding of pipeline flow.
  • Rigging skills and experience, creating rigs for motion capture and retargeting motion capture to rigs
  • Proficient with Maya’s Human IK system as well as motion builder
  • Experience with industry crowd simulation: Houdini, Golaem and rigging for crowds
  • Experience with Crowd software or rigging for crowds
  • Creative sensibilities with a strong understanding of real world physics
  • A strong eye for detail and natural motion
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize and problem solve in a fast paced environment
  • A team player with excellent communication skills
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