Senior Production Manager – Image Engine Vancouver (75 views)

Vancouver, BC
September 20, 2017

Based in Vancouver BC, we are a world-class visual effects studio led by a team of creative and passionate individuals who are committed to furthering the art of visual storytelling, and helping our exceptionally talented crew to push the boundaries of artistic and technical achievement.

Well known for our Academy Award Nominated work on Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, we have gone on to create numerous incredible creatures, epic environments and extraordinary digital effects for a broad range of feature films including; Zero Dark Thirty, Jurassic World, Game of Thrones, and Independence Day Resurgence.

We can do this because we place awesome new tools in the hands of our artists. R&D is central to our philosophy of driving creativity through innovation, with a focus on continually evolving our robust production pipelines and pioneering in the area of proprietary software development.


The Senior Production Manager (PM) position is vital to the successful delivery of high quality visual effects for our clients. The PM will act as a liaison between the Producer and Coordinators to manage, conform, and drive the schedule to ensure on time project delivery. The Senior PM will be on the pulse of the production floor at all times. You will use your organizational skills to keep track of all shots and their statuses in order to clearly debrief any big picture schedule or production impacts to the Producer.

As a Senior PM, you will use your calm and positive demeanor, to resolve issues as they arise. You will need to adapt to change and have the ability to modify schedules as client needs shift. You will keep track of workflow progress through personal interactions with Coordinators, Department Supervisors as well as Shotgun; alerting the Producer of any issues which may result in workflow delays.

The Senior PM will manage, coach, and guide direct and indirect reports to ensure smooth interdepartmental communication and workflow. You will take accountability for show progress and will utilize your people skills to manage direct reports to meet show deadlines. Senior PMs will be responsible for employee performance management and supervision within their team.

Equally, the Senior PM will motivate the artists and production team during peak periods. You will take initiative to develop employee engagement initiatives with HR to maintain/increase morale.

  • Interview, select and train Coordinators
  • Engage in the performance management process such as performance reviews, daily feedback, and mentoring for direct reports (2-5 people)
  • Manage workflow to balance production schedule and employee resources
  • Communicate artist and resource requirements to the Producer to ensure the most cost effective and efficient production
  • Tracking actual days vs. bid days on all disciplines and flagging concerns
  • Responsible for watching over the day-to-day operations of the show within the facility
  • Work with the VFX Producer to determine milestones to create and maintain the project schedule; ensuring department supervisors and coordinators are aware of these and adhere to them
  • Understand elements impacting departments to foresee/prevent challenges in schedule
  • Participate in client meetings as needed
  • Communicate with external vendors for outsourcing purposes
  • Work with the Technical Assistant Supervisor to manage render farm usage
  • Work with the VFX Producer to support bidding processes
  • Work with the VFX Producer and Facility PM to manage and allocate personnel resources in a multi-show environment
  • Manage, mentor and empower Production Coordinators and Production Assistants in their respective areas
  • Effectively manage facility resources such as the review theatre, boardroom, and other technical resources
  • Use time management skills to schedule meetings and tasks effectively
  • Manage time and resources to meet weekly targets
  • Other duties and responsibilities consistent with your position may be assigned to you from time to time
Technical skills
  • Ability to train and coach production staff
  • 10 years’ experience in film, television or animation
  • 8 years’ experience as a Production Manager
  • Supervisory experience is required
  • Proven experience with project management
  • Expert MS Excel and Shotgun skills
  • MS Project and Filemaker knowledge is an asset
  • Thorough understanding of live-action and CG based VFX workflows
Core skills
  • Highly organized, first-class time/project management skills
  • Excellent client and crew management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Capable of motivating and leading a large team, with enthusiasm and clarity
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Must understand client-to-vendor relationships and show an eagerness to develop and enhance studio profile with the clients
  • Senior PM must be professional internally and externally at all times


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