Shader TD – Melbourne (70 views)

June 13, 2017

Are you an Shader TD?

You Can

– Artistically and technically lookdev
– Create efficient and out-of-the-box rendering solutions for a wide variety of assets including fur, natural phenomena, hard surface, etc.
– Understand the different concepts and creative use of shading, rendering, color, photography, etc.
– Also Texture and Light as needed

You Have

– Experience in shading assets/environments for photoreal feature film
– Knowledge in Maya and Linux.
– Experience with all aspects of the rendering pipeline.
– A team player mentality with a ‘get it done’ attitude
– Communication skills
– A love of learning
– Problem solving skills
– Strong technical mind
– Creative sensibilities
– A self-motivated attitude


– A rooftop patio with a million dollar view of Melbourne
– Really, really good coffee
– Paid vacation days – four weeks per year!
– Paid sick days (cough!)
– A dedicated culture team that plans fun, rolls out fun & has fun!
– Mates, not colleagues

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