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Fish Blowing Bubbles is currently hiring Storyboard Artists for an upcoming international feature film animation project. The Storyboard Artist’s role is to translate story ideas into visual sequences that simply and briefly illustrate the essence of storyline and scene structure that will drive the characters’ emotions, actions and humour.


  • Tackle challenging story and structure problems and maximize comedic entertainment value
  • Confidently develop cinematography, staging, and cutting
  • Translate scripts and stories into visual sequences based on notes and meetings with the Director and other team members
  • Actively engage in creative input
  • Work collaboratively with a team, while also being able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Produce strong boards that clearly convey the character’s intent, timing and action
  • Meet all project deadlines and milestones whilst following Directors revision notes
  • Follow direction and notes from supervisor and director
  • Maintain style, quality, and continuity of drawings
  • Actively participate in team / department meetings


  • 3+ years professional experience developing character driven behaviour required; Feature Animation experience preferred
  • Strong comedic sensibilities
  • Awareness and understanding of the commercial requirements for an international audience
  • Ability to work from outlines or scripts
  • Ability to work digitally
  • Experience with Photoshop and Storyboard Pro
  • Ability to create action and humour expressed through drawing
  • Experience on multiple Feature Films and/or Television Series as a Story Artist
  • Strong drawing skills with a sense of design, character and composition
  • Understanding of cinematic and dramatic scene structure
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • 3D knowledge advantageous
  • Able to work efficiently on a timeline, while maintaining consistency and quality


Please send your resume and portfolio/ reel to jobs(at) with “Storyboard Artist” and your name in the subject line. Please include your availability.

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