Tracking/Matchmove Artist – Santa Monica (47 views)

Santa Monica
August 1, 2017

Are you a Tracking / Matchmove Artist?

You can

– Produce tracked cameras / virtual sets from plate photography
– Matchmove characters and objects using provided rigs
– Work with animation and modeling departments to ensure accurate camera track

You have

– Mastered the core 3D principles rotation, translation, scale, gimbal lock
– A thorough understanding of 3D camera principles such as lenses, distortion, parallax etc
– Proficiency in Maya and in one or more camera tracking packages (Syntheyes, PFTrack etc)
– A team player mentality with a good getter attitude
– Great communication skills


– Location, location, location – 1 block from the beach
– Full healthcare benefits
– Paid sick days (cough!)
– Ping pong & arcade machine
– Multiple studio doggies
– A dedicated culture team that plans fun, rolls out fun & has fun!
– Mates, not colleagues.

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