VFX Supervisor (62 views)

Los Angeles, CA
March 17, 2017

· Minimum of 7+ years VFX post-production experience, this must be recent and continuous.
·• Solid knowledge of Maya, Mari, and Nuke
· Solid previous experience as CG/2D Supervisor and most recently VFX Supervisor experience on 2 or 3 major projects.
· Creative eye and aesthetic judgment with a deep understanding of composition, cinematic design and animation timing.
· Must have an understanding of Directing/Lighting/Camera work/Practical Effects/Camera Gripping/Art Department/Production Design and Props.
· Excellent understanding of composition, light and color with strong attention to detail.
· On-set supervision experience is an asset
· Ability to meet strict deadlines often under pressure.
· Excellent communication, organization skills and financial and budget management skills.
· A thorough understanding of the CG & 2D principles and pipeline.
· Proven team leader with strong motivational qualities.
· Technically and creatively astute.
· Highly organized.
· Able to effectively communicate with people at all levels.

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