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February 28, 2017

People of INDG are looking for a new video art-director to join the team in Amsterdam. Expats welcome.

INDG does all things around 3D. We work for clients like Philips, Electrolux, Honda, Whirlpool, Yamaha or Heineken to create rich videos, sites, apps and more. As a typical example, check this out: . As one can derive from that, historically INDG has been focused on presenting physical products in digital space in all sorts of interesting ways.

With more and more stuff coming to our plate, we launched numerous successful initiatives around augmented reality, VR, machine learning and other fields of study that for now are a bit of secret. With more creative demand on our plate, we feel that combining live-shot videos with 3D is very prospective. Before laughing in the face of this apparent banality, consider the following:

  • We have a custom website engine called PEX that allows to auto-play videos on mobiles and adapt them in terms of frame-rate and such.
  • The very same PEX allows to connect user actions such as clicking, swiping and such to certain reactions in videos, like moving to a certain point, fast-forwarding and so on.
  • Again, the same PEX can layer graphics on top of videos with animated effects.
  • We also have a powerful R&D team and a powerful Unity team that may start experimenting with combining real-time rendering with videos.
  • Finally, we have great 3D artists to support all this, take a glimpse here: .

And so, I am not talking about just ads with CG inside. Rather, I mean complex interactive projects that mix live shooting with CG that not that many agencies currently attempt to make. So evidently, we are looking for someone who’s very good with video, but is also curious about mixing video with other media and making videos interactive.

We are looking for more or less the set of skills as follows, although every specified set is naturally incomplete:          

  • Love for physical products. We are not going anywhere from working with devices. We do electric toothbrushes and complex MRI systems alike, and so candidates should be prepared to grok how stuff works from day one. If you don’t know what grok is, grok the word grok.                  
  • Ability to co-ordinate others. An art-director inside INDG is a leader whose job is to ensure that interactive products turn out well, end-to-end.                  
  • Hands-on experience. Although art-directors don’t do much work themselves, grading/editing skills won’t hurt from time to time as well as a camera in hands.      
  • Production excellence. For all video requests, we work with externals who must be identified and coordinated. Your own contact network is also very much appreciated.         
  • Love for humans.                                                                               Art-directors inside INDG are often in direct contact with English-speaking customers, defending and explaining their concepts.

Your day-to-day activity will include:      

  • Creating concepts and coming up with ways of explaining them to clients, via pitch decks, storyboards, text and whatnot.    
  • Overseeing all aspects of video production from concept to release.
  • Looking for, negotiating with and tending to external teams.            
  • Doing whatever you come up with to bring everyone around to the next level of interactive projects. Besides the usual lunch, beers and so on, we now (and for a limited time) offer something great, which is opportunity.

Candidates will enter the company at the time of transformation, where all doors are open and all initiatives are welcome. If you feel constrained in your current work environment and feel it’s too static, this could become a perfect place for you to be. We will judge first by portfolio and reply within a week. If you don’t want to write a cover letter or send a CV, then don’t do it. But if you have anything to say, please do.

How to apply?                                                                                              Please send your portfolio via the link provided. The system requires you to upload a CV as well, if you don’t want to, just upload a random file. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Relocation support                                                                                      Should your profile look like an ideal match, we would be happy to help you relocate. Relocation support includes but is not limited to: application for the 30% ruling, housing-search, relocation-loan and tax-return support in the first year.

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